Arts in Action Debut Fremont County Painted Pianos, featuring all 6 pianos together in the same space

If Cameron Fehring brought anything back to Fremont County from living in New York City, it was definitely the drive and inspiration to bring arts to our communities. Cameron and his wife, Amanda, lived in Brooklyn for 6 years. Returning in 2017, the Fehring’s creative ideas have blossomed within our County.

In New York City, every spring an organization called “Sing for Hope” has 50+ Pianos decorated/painted and placed all over the City for a month. Some of the most beautiful art I have ever seen was made when complete strangers gathered around a piano and made music. Complete happenstance! It’s something that I thought Fremont County could use as a way to experience public art in a practical way. I proposed it to Arts in Action last fall and they agreed!

Six pianos have been donated to the cause by Fremont County residents and 7 local visual artists have made each piano unique with their artistry. Artists include Lily Draper, Sandi Hussa, Aubry Ellis, Amber Nation, Ksandra Roberts, Nancy Ebbert, and Noelle Weimann Van Dijk.

3 of the 6 pianos will be placed in several locations around Riverton. Look for them at Riverton City Park under the Bandshell, Under the Kusel’s awning on Main Street, and at the Riverton Branch Library.

The other 3 will be placed in Lander at the Lander Chamber of Commerce, Lander City Park, and Bloom Health and Wellness.

Arts in Action will be celebrating Fremont County Painted Pianos with a gala on Wednesday, June 12th at 7 pm at the Riverton Branch Library. The gala is the only time all 6 pianos will be together in one space.

All six pianos will be displayed together at the public gala and each artist and donor will be recognized. A concert will feature a world premiere performance of a piece written specifically for the occasion. On June 13th, the pianos will be distributed into the community, 3 in Riverton and 3 in Lander, and will be available for everyone to play and appreciate from June to August.

Play for yourself, play for others, just play! Share your experiences with the pianos on social media using the hashtags #frecopaintedpianos and #artsinactionwy and/or tag us @artsinactionwy.

About Arts in Action:
Arts in Action is a Fremont County Non-Profit Arts Council based in Riverton made up of art enthusiasts as well as artists and professionals, all of whom volunteer their time and who wish to develop and promote the arts in the community and create a strong arts culture in the county. Arts in Action sponsors workshops, presentations, concerts, and more to help provide education as well as cultivate an appreciation for the arts.

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