ARS Flood and Fire Cleanup – Riverton Chamber’s April Business of the Month

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    Each month, the Riverton Chamber of Commerce takes the opportunity to recognize a member business, highlighting its history and how they work to benefit customers here in our area. ARS Flood and Fire Cleanup established their Riverton location back in 2020 and is located at 202 North Federal Blvd. Its core business is flood mitigation and mold remediation but also includes fire restoration, repairing storm damage and commercial issues.

     The history of the company extends back to 1985, in Logan, Utah when a young man named Jerry Clark started a small flood and fire cleanup business, which he named Advanced Restoration Systems. Through hard work, perseverance and a reputation for doing quality work, the fledgling business thrived and grew. Today, there are locations in Casper, Rock Springs, Riverton, Salt Lake City, Riverdale and Logan, Utah. The Casper division is managed by Jerry’s son Steven, while his son Dusty fills the role of CFO in the corporate headquarters. 

    According to the Riverton location’s manager, Doug Ferry, “I joined this organization because it is a true family business, where the desire to help the community is genuine and our philosophy revolves around valuing the contributions of our employees. We are committed to performing all work at the highest possible level.”

    Ferry acknowledges that actual fire and flood restoration work is relatively infrequent, at least here in Fremont County. Ferry adds that mold remediation is a significant part of their weekly workload. Water leaking from a roof, foundation or leaky plumbing can quickly lead to a serious mold contamination problem and remediating it can be a very involved process. “Don’t grab the bleach bottle and start sloshing it around the affected area,” warms Ferry. He advises homeowners discovering a mold problem in their home to contact a reputable remediation specialist right out of the gate to ensure that the problem is taken care of correctly. 

    Presently, the Riverton location employs three Environmental Technicians, Caleb Hagestad, Hayden Hanger and Gavin Green, all of whom are part of a structured continuing education program created by the company to grow skilled employees internally. An advantage offered by ARS Riverton is the fact that they are part of a much larger organization with the resources needed for a large project.  Site Manager Ferry notes that with the other locations so geographically centered, equipment and manpower can quickly be moved to Riverton in the event of a large-scale flood or fire situation. 

    So what potential conditions should homeowners be aware of in terms of preventing a devastating fire? According to Ferry, most home fires start in the kitchen, so be alert to the possibility of a grease fire resulting from an overheated pan. Always have several fire extinguishers in the home and be certain that they are within their marked expiration date.

    Springtime can bring an elevated risk of flooding as the snowpack melts. Another leading cause of flooding can be an improperly controlled nearby irrigation system or even a frozen hose bib that has cracked during the cold winter months. Believe it or not, a leading cause of home flooding is the plastic supply line running to the refrigerator ice maker.

    To minimize the chances of experiencing a disaster associated with your home or business, take the opportunity to conduct periodic inspections around the property. If disaster does strike, contact a reputable, certified flood and fire experts, such as ARS Flood and Fire Cleanup. Their services are covered by virtually all homeowner and business insurance policies and they will work hard to restore your property to pre-disaster condition. ARS offers free estimates, just give them a call at 307-472-9500.

    Thanks to the Riverton Chamber of Commerce for making it possible to highlight another great local business. Remember, Chamber Membership pays back in a number of important ways. Contact the Riverton Chamber now to discuss their affordable membership options at 307-856-4801.

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