Army Veteran and 5th Grade Teacher, “I believe all students are capable of more than they know.”

    For over four years, Troy Lennen served in the United States Army as a mechanic. During his service, he was in Iraq recovering disabled vehicles and bringing them back to the base. He shared his military experience as providing him discipline, attention to detail, the ability to adapt and a never-quit mindset – all of which he uses daily in the classroom.
    “These skills help me to identify changes that need to be made in the classroom to suit the needs of my students,” said Troy Lennen.

    Military also taught Troy the value of working as a team. When he entered into the military he quickly learned he was no longer one; he was part of the whole.

    “This taught me as a teacher not to see my class as a group of individuals but as a class. If one fails, we all fail. If we can help one another, it will help us all succeed,” said Troy Lennen.

    A divine plan sent Army Veteran Troy Lennen to St. Margaret’s School to teach fifth grade the summer of 2022. Each day he works to elevate the mood and outlook of the students, as well as his co-workers.

    Troy Lennen working to recover a vehicle in Iraq. After completing a different recovery, the vehicle he was driving went over a berm and became submerged in water upside down with him inside. h/t St. Margaret’s Catholic School

    “A high five in the hallway may lead to a positive outlook for a test and result in a good score for a student,” said Troy Lennen.

    According to Mr. Lennen, the family atmosphere sets St. Margaret’s School apart. “At St. Margaret’s, all staff know students by name. We work as a whole school to ensure that learning goals are in sync from grade to grade. Also, the inclusion of faith helps our students grow to be valuable members of society.”

    Fifth-grader Noelle Miller appreciates learning about the military from Mr. Lennen, “He showed us how to do push-ups one time, and we learn about it from when he was in the military.”

    During Mr. Lennen’s military deployments, he learned the importance of being mentally strong and focusing on the task at hand. As a teacher, he works to help students put aside the past and focus on the present.

    “Mr. Lennen helps us when we need help, especially with math. I am getting good at multi-digit division and multiplication. He’s good at math and he makes me laugh a bunch,””shared Noelle.

    Throughout his teaching day, Mr. Lennen likes to add humor, “I like to keep things light. Life is far too short to omit joy.”  

    Outside of class time, you might catch Mr. Lennen on a ladder installing a solar light for the school flagpole, on the blacktop playing football or kickball with students, or making fellow staff members laugh in the teacher’s lounge or at a staff meeting.

    Following Mr. Lennen’s service in the Army, he married the love of his life, Codie. They have been married for 12 years and have three wonderful children who have attended St. Margaret’s School. It was seven years ago, where his spark started at St. Margaret’s School as he was a St. Margaret’s School Dad shuttling kids to and from school, later morphing into his role as a teacher.

    St. Margaret’s School is dedicated to inspiring faith, achieving academic excellence, and nurturing all students to form strong moral character. Register or donate at

    Mr. Lennen interacts with students after morning prayer, starting their day with smiles. h/t St. Margaret’s Catholic School

    In recognition of Mr. Lennen and all those who served our country in the Armed Forces, Reddon, Koehn & Associates, CPAs, PC has graciously donated a gun for a Veterans Gun Draw. All Veterans in attendance at the St. Margaret’s School Dinner Dance fundraiser, to be held on March 2 in the St. Margaret’s School gym, will be entered into the drawing. Mark your calendars to attend. For more information call 307-856-5922. 

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