Are you registered yet? Fast and Furriest is coming soon!

Have you registered for the Fast and Furriest 5k/1k yet? If you didn’t already know how fantastic this is, here are some extra reasons why you should get registered now.

Top 10 reasons to run with your dog:

  1. Your dog will help you meet new people. (wink, wink…love connection?)
  2. Running is supposed to be fun! How could it get anymore fun than running with your pooch?
  3. Dogs are expert motivators. You know, like when they get you up at 5 am to go outside to pee.
  4. Your dog is the ultimate bodyguard. Not that you’ll need protection at the race, Amy will be there for that.
  5. A tired dog is a good dog. Your pooch will sleep through the night and so will your kid!
  6. Dogs don’t complain. Not sure if this is true. I’ve heard some dogs whine pretty hard, but not when they’re having fun!
  7. Dogs enjoy running as much as we do. This is where a leash comes in handy because dogs enjoy running faster than us!
  8. Dogs don’t care about your race time or place. They just want to run.
  9. Your dog won’t back out due to a scheduling conflict. You should still bring your friend, but if they can’t make it you’ll still have your pooch.
  10. Why not? You love your pooch and this is just another activity to enjoy together.

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Fast and Furriest is happening on Saturday, June 1st. Early registration ends on May 25th. Register today to ensure you get your super cool t-shirt! Why wait?


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