Arapaho Truths selected for 25th film festival

(Fremont County, WY) – Just announced, Arapaho Truths, the St. Stephens School film, produced in collaboration with Boston-based Moonstar Productions, has been officially selected for the 2021 Mesa International Film Festival.

After a year when most film festivals have gone virtual because of the pandemic, the Mesa International Film Festival Festival will be held live December 2 – 5 in Mesa, Arizona; tickets are on sale now.

“The 2021 Mesa International Film Festival was created to highlight creativity from diverse voices,” according to their website. “We’re grateful for the amazing support that we’ve received from the film community, and we welcome participation from all. Our mission is to create an event that’s fun, informative and entertaining for everyone!”


This announcement marks the 25th film festival for Arapaho Truths. The film has been shown at festivals across the United States, Europe, and Asia, from Hollywood, California to Haverhill, Massachusetts, in India, Istanbul, Turkey, and London, England.

Arapaho Truths has won 8 film festival awards, including Best Documentary, Best Short Documentary, The Most Inspirational Film Award, and The Grand Prize at the Kid’s Video Connection Film Festival in Atlanta, Georgia.

“Just a note about film festivals, said George Giglio, the film’s director, festivals can only choose a limited number of movies, and they tend to be overwhelmed with submissions; just being chosen is a great honor, and winning an award is rare and very special.”

Arapaho Truths showcases four traditional Arapaho stories. An elder tribe member, William C’ Hair, Wayne C’ Hair, or Eugene Ridgely, Jr., tells each story. The students of St. Stephens uniquely illustrated the stories using clay animation, drawings, paintings, shadow puppets, and performance.

Between the stories are short anecdotes and insights about native storytelling, told by various tribal elders, mentors, school officials, and students; including Merle Haas, Frank No Runner, James Stewart, Mike Redman, Michael Eugene Ridge Bear, Ryan Tyler, Ruth Goggles, Janice Goggles, and Rupert “Ducky” Goggles, among others.


In addition, the film features the Students of St. Stephens, including Hista Soldier Wolf, Darryl Dodge, Danielle Bass, Timberly Blackburn, and Precious Gould.

Sergio Maldonado narrates the film, which contains traditional music by Michael Eugene Ridge Bear and Mike Redman and an inspirational score by Tim Janus.

The Executive Producer is Dara Weller, to whom the film is dedicated. George Giglio directed it; Dr. William Diehl was the Educational Consultant; Tyrel Teran was the Technical Consultant, the Director of Photography was Joe Collins, and the Producer was Maureen Matson.

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