Arapaho Truths goes international

Arapaho Truths is the eight-time award-winning film produced by St. Stephens School in collaboration with Boston’s Moonstar Productions. Both St. Stephens and Moonstar Productions are pleased to announce that it is going to have its first screenings before international audiences!

The film has been officially selected for inclusion in The CMS International Children’s Film Festival in Lucknow, India; The Native Spirit Film Festival in London, England; and the 2020 edition of The Universal Kids Film Festival in Istanbul, Turkey.

“It will be wonderful to give them a chance to see the rich and unique Northern Arapaho culture,” said George Giglio, the film’s director. “The success of this film is a testament to the hard work that everyone involved has put into this project. The entire community deserves to be very proud!”

h/t Moonstar Productions – Danielle Bass as Star Girl.

“The CMS 12th International Children’s Film Festival in India promises to unlock enriching experiences through a whole gamut of films…procured with an aim for entertainment from all over the world, it aims to showcase the right content inculcating moral values and a world wide view.” (From the festival’s website, Mr. Kurian, Festival Director.)

“The annual Native Spirit Festival in London, England, celebrating Indigenous culture with film screenings, talks and performances… we aim to inspire new possibilities for understanding life by celebrating the strength and potential of the human spirit.” (From the festival’s website.)

“The Universal Kids Film Festival in Istanbul, Turkey (UKFF) is dedicated first and foremost to the idea of peace,” said the founder of the festival, Rowena Martinez Ulayan. “The event brings a torchlight of hope to an otherwise war-torn region.”

St. Stephens students created clay animation characters for the story “The Bear Who Lost His Tale,” for the film Arapaho Truths

Arapaho Truths showcases four traditional Arapaho stories. Each story is told by an elder tribe member: William C’ Hair; Wayne C’ Hair and Eugene Ridgely, Jr. Each story is uniquely illustrated by the students of St. Stephens using clay animation, drawings, paintings, shadow puppets, and performance. Between the stories are short anecdotes and insights about native storytelling. These are told by various tribal elders, mentors, school officials, and students, including: Merle Haas, Frank No Runner, James Stewart, Mike Redman, Michael Eugene Ridge Bear, Ryan Tyler, Ruth Goggles, Janice Goggles, Rupert “Ducky” Goggles, Hista Soldier Wolf, and Darryl Dodge, among others. The film features the Students of St. Stephens School, including performances by Danielle Bass, Timberly Blackburn, and Precious Gould.

h/t Moonstar Productions – William C’ Hair and Wayne C’ Hair telling stories.

Arapaho Truths is narrated by Sergio Maldonado and contains traditional music by Michael Eugene Ridge Bear and Mike Redman, as well as a score by Tim Janus. The Executive Producer is Dara Weller, to whom the film is dedicated. It is directed by George Giglio. The Director of Photography is Joe Collins. And the Producer is Maureen Matson.

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You can also find the latest updates on the film shared by County 10 by clicking here.


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