April is Occupational Therapy Month

    A time to celebrate and honor our vital professionals in the field and the meaningful difference they make in the lives of our patients.

    Occupational therapy (OT) is a rich and vast therapy discipline whose main purpose is to help a patient adapt to their surroundings and participate in the activities, or occupations, of daily life. Many different people benefit from occupational therapy, whose broad reach makes it the perfect way to assess and intervene when necessary to help develop, recover, or maintain doing the things that people love or that make them independent.

    Occupational therapy is commonly used in hospital and recovery centers. When someone suffers a stroke, brain injury, or a traumatic physical event, occupational therapists may become part of the patient’s recovery plan by assisting the patient with getting back to a daily routine without the need of outside assistance. OTs bring independence back within reach of thousands of individuals a year.

    The field of occupational therapy consists of healthcare professionals highly educated and trained to improve mental and physical performance. These therapists teach individuals how they can get back the things patients love to do in their own time.

    “We work hard at restoration of movement cognition and at the various sensory systems,” stated Deborah Ellsworth, Occupation Therapist at SageWest Health Care. The daily progress of her patients keeps her motivated to continue working in the field.

    Should you or someone you know need help adjusting to a new normal or getting back to the way things used to be, occupational therapy may be a solution, supported by caring professionals whose focus is always on the patient. To find a provider to see if you or a loved one could benefit from occupational therapy, visit or call 307.856.4161 or 307.332.4420.

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