Another Reminder: Signs not allowed in state right-of-way

Fremont County Transportation has recently seen an increased number of election signs within the right-of-way. Pursuant to Wyoming Statute § 22-25-115, which states in relevant part:

Except as provided herein, written campaign advertising shall not be placed on or attached to any real or personal property of the state or its political subdivisions.

As Fremont County is considered a “political subdivision” of the state, and the right-of-way is deemed to be “real property” of the state, this statute applies in this situation. You are completely within your rights to place the signs on your own property, but Fremont County Transportation kindly asks that you not place them next to the road in what is considered the right-of-way.


Maintenance crews will pick up signs found within the right-of-way as they come through an area. Fremont County Transportation thanks you in advance for your anticipated cooperation.

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