Amy Wroe Bechtel went missing near Lander 22 years ago this week

    On July 24th, 1997 the tight-knit, community driven town of Lander, Wyoming was changed. 22 years later, it’s a case that still haunts many from the area.

    “Amy Wroe Bechtel was an accomplished athlete, she was very sharp, she was very community oriented in Lander, she was pretty great at everything she did,” Podcaster Scott Fuller told us on an episode of the County 10 Podcast this week. Fuller added that it’s frustrating that she’s well-known because she was likely murdered, not because of the life she could have lived.

    You likely know, at least some, of the story behind Amy’s disappearance at this point,

    • Was planning a 10K run on the Loop Road from Bruce’s Parking Area to Frye Lake
    • Was seen running multiple errands in donwtown Lander on July 24th
    • She told others she’d be going for a jog on the Loop Road later that day
    • About 4:30 p.m. – Amy’s husband returned home after apparently spending a day rock climbing with a friend to find his wife was gone
    • About 10:30 p.m. Amy’s husband calls police to report his wife missing
    • Around 1:30 a.m. on the 25th – Authorities find Amy’s car parked at the Burnt Gulch turnoff off the Loop Road

    22 years later now, and she has not been found. Authorities may have found a footprint that looked like Amy’s close to the scene, but it was damaged during search efforts. A pen that some thought could have belonged to Amy was also discovered, whether or not it was her pen remains unknown. But that’s it, no concrete clues, no evidence, Amy just vanished.

    In 2018 Scott Fuller, a former Fremont County and now Minnesota-based radio host created the Frozen Truth Podcast. His first series was about Amy’s disappearance. He became so involved in the case, he traveled back to Lander to talk with authorities, detectives, and residents about their theories.

    Fuller added two more missing persons cases to his series in hopes of unlocking answers for victims who very likely no longer have a voice of their own.

    Scott joined the County 10 Podcast on the anniversary of Amy’s disappearance to chat about the case, if he thinks it will ever be solved, and his brand new podcast. 


    Dead and Gone in Wyoming will be a monthly show featuring a murder and mystery that took place in Wyoming. The first episode will be out Monday, July 28 on the 10Cast Network. 




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