Americans are Googling thousands of coronavirus questions; Wyoming most concerned with symptoms in kids


A new study from is providing some insight into just how much Americans are Googling the Coronavirus.

Hundreds of thousands of searches have been submitted daily since early 2020 about COVID-19. Questions range from basic, “what are coronavirus symptoms?” to very strange things like, “do earthworms have coronavirus?”

Sykes took the top searched for themes from each state and put them into the map above. Wyoming, like many other states, are searching for symptoms to look for in children.


Californians are worried about the virus spreading at dog parks. South Dakota and New Mexico are getting into do it yourself hand sanitizer. Nebraska, Iowa, and Oklahoma are concerned about spread through mosquitoes. And, Texans want to know if it’s still okay to swim. (It is hot down there afterall.)

Check out the full study here.