Alive at 25 driver awareness class coming to Riverton on July 19

WYDOT shares the following:

Every year, young adult drivers are involved in crashes that sometimes result in fatalities. To save lives and equip young drivers with the tools to drive more defensively, an Alive at 25 class is coming to Riverton in July.


The 10 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. class is Friday, July 19, at the Riverton Library. It is free for young drivers ages 15 to 24. A $35 charge is charged for court-mandated students.

Participants may be eligible for discounts on their automobile insurance.

Registration is required at

“With the recent uptick in young fatalities in the Riverton area, it is evident that an Alive At 25 class would be beneficial to the Fremont County area to remind young drivers of the importance of safe driving,” said Lt. Travis Hauser of the Wyoming Highway Patrol. “All students must register through the Alive at 25 website ( There are two ways to take the course, either through the county attorney from a citation (cost is $35) or by signing up on the web site.”

The Alive at 25 classes are taught by Wyoming Highway Patrol troopers who use personal examples and humor to develop understanding, workbook exercises, interactive media segments, group discussions, role-playing, and short lectures “to help young drivers develop convictions and strategies that will keep them safer on the road,” Hauser said.

“This is a highly interactive 4 1/2-hour program to encourage young drivers between the ages of 14 and 24 to take responsibility for their driving behavior,” Hauser continued. “Alive at 25 teaches that young people are more likely to be hurt or killed in a vehicle crash; inexperience, distractions, and peer pressure cause unique driving hazards; speeding, alcohol and “party drugs” greatly increase the risk of injury or death; as a driver or passenger, young people can greatly reduce risks by taking control; and committing to changing driving behavior makes personal, legal and financial sense.”