Ahead of the game – Sports physicals and well-child visits at Lander Medical Clinic and Western Family Care

    Sports Physicals: A Vital Aspect of Well-Child Visits

    If your child plays sports, it’s more than likely they will need a sports physical to participate. A sports physical is designed to keep your young athlete playing his or her best and to catch potentially life-threatening health problems that can be made worse by sports activity.

    The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends asking your pediatrician to do your child’s sports physical when you schedule your child’s next routine well-child visit. This is more convenient than scheduling two appointments and has other advantages as well, the AAP says:

    • Your child’s medical records and health history will be complete and up to date.
    • Pediatricians are trained to identify and treat medical and bone/joint problems that are commonly seen in children and adolescents who play sports or are physically active.
    • Your pediatrician can also ensure your child is caught up on immunizations and can discuss any concerns in a confidential setting.

    In addition, while many insurances do not cover sports physicals for school, many will cover a sports physical that is paired with a well-child visit. 

    “As your child’s pediatrician, we’ve been there since the beginning. We’ve followed them from when they were babies to children to teens and young adults. For anything that comes along, from school to sports, we’re there to make sure they can achieve all their goals.” – Ryan Firth, MD.

    When combining a sports physical with a well-child visit, your pediatrician will ask about general wellness as well as areas that are specific to playing sports.  

    “Sports physicals combined with a well-child visit are an important part of that back-to-school checklist if your child or teen is considering even casually playing sports,” Dr. Forbis says. “We hope to keep the student-athlete healthy and injury-free.”

    The annual wellness visit gives the pediatrician a chance to give the child/adolescent a thorough physical exam that also addresses any emotional, developmental, or social concerns. 

    The sports physical is an opportunity to address exercise-specific issues, including injuries, nutrition, training and exercise programs, and even attitudes toward sports participation in the course of the exam.

    Schedule Ahead of the Season In June and July

    Our pediatricians recommend scheduling a sports physical four to eight weeks before the start of the season, which allows time to follow up on any concerns that might arise.

    Scheduling time early in the summer also gives parents time to figure out how to balance it all. This also gives enough time to evaluate and address any health concerns that come up during the visit to clear the athlete prior to the start of the sports season.

    Discover Your Child’s Ideal Care Team

    Dr. Firth, Dr. Forbis, and Dr. Stamps at Lander Medical Clinic & Western Family Care are committed to providing exceptional care for your family. Whether you call Lander or Riverton home, its pediatricians are ready to welcome new patients and establish personalized care plans for your child. Contact us at (307) 332-2941 for Lander or (307) 856-6591 for Riverton today!

    Investing in your child’s well-being through well-child visits lays the groundwork for a vibrant future. Schedule your child’s next appointment with Lander Medical Clinic & Western Family Care and ensure they have the support they need to thrive!

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