#aglife: Here they come!

 #aglife is a County 10 series, brought to you by Wyoming Community Bank, that pulls the curtain back on farm and ranch life in Fremont County through images and stories.

There may be life off the ranch, but any Fremont County farmer or rancher will tell you – The #aglife is “the good life.”

Calving season is upon the Wind River Basin! It’s a little early, but they’re coming whether you like it or not!

Lost Wells Cattle Co. sent a snap of one of their first calves this season. They shared this caption on their Facebook Page with the photo:

“We’ve had a couple of early calves this year. My brother sent me this photo, as he was getting ready to tag the calf. His message said, “She’s just waiting for me to get out of the truck!” Glad it’s you, and not me, bud.”

Let’s just hope the USDA warning about unseasonably cold temps doesn’t hold – or these little guys and their friends might need some extra support.

Here’s to Spring in the #aglife!

Share your #aglife with the community! Send your photos to us, with a little info, at tips@county10.com and we might include them in the #aglife series!

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