#aglife: Please step into my office!

h/t Monica Thoman

 #aglife is a new County 10 series, brought to you by Wyoming Community Bank, that pulls the curtain back on farm and ranch life in Fremont County through images and stories.

There may be life off the ranch, but any Fremont County farmer or rancher will tell you – The #aglife is “the good life.”

A Fremont County farmer might have a regular office somewhere, but THIS is their real office….What a view!

Depending on the type of hay, watering, and the farmer’s schedule, fields around Fremont County are in all stages of hay production. Some have already been cut, baled and stacked, while some are still lying in wait of the first cutting. This farmer is in the process of baling this field into small bales.

It’s nice to have an office with a view! h/t Monica Thoman

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