#AgLife: Fair kids – Showing Sisters

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“I get college money,” Norah Pfisterer of Riverton said when asked about why she had two pigs in the swine show. She later added, “Its pretty fun. I like being at the fair and it’s a good thing to do.”

Norah, an incoming sophomore at Riverton High School and her soon to be fifth grade sister Olive are showing a combined five Hampshire hogs at the fair.

Norah is in her sixth year of competition, and it’s the second time around for Olive.

Their hogs arrived in early April, brought in by a man familiar to the swine barn for decades, Wendell VonKrosigk.

VonKrosigk brought a load of hogs in from out-of-state for a few of the 4H and FFA competitors in the fair.

Norah is showing two hogs, Louise is an FFA entry and Moose is a 4H pig.

The Pfisterer sister’s hogs relaxed trying to escape the August heat {h/t Randy Tucker}

Olive is showing three, Hei Hei, Pua, and MJ all in the 4H division.

The girls are members of the Hunters 4H club.

Norah tried showing goats a couple of times, but didn’t enjoy it.

Jen Phisterer watched her daughters Olive and Norah take a break at the hog pens {h/t Randy Tucker}

The girls keep their hogs in a shed and pens on the west side of their mom and dad’s place off of West Pershing in Riverton.

Olive keeps two of her pigs in a pen with Norah’s pair and the other hog has a pen all to himself.

The heat was a factor again on Monday, but Olive kept busy spraying the hogs with a pump bottle and letting a little water fly on her sister and friends as well.

Olive Pfisterer took a break from spraying her pigs and anyone else nearby to spray herself {h/t Randy Tucker}

The hog show begins Wednesday morning.

The girls are two of the four daughters of Phil and Jennifer Pfisterer.

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