Aethon receives final permit for wastewater discharge into Alkali Creek

The Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality (WDEQ) issued the final permit to Aethon Energy Operating, LLC., today, October 2nd.

This allows wastewater from the Frenchie Draw Gas Field facility to discharge into Alkali Creek which eventually flows into Boysen Reservoir from Badwater Creek.

The facility discharges approximately 2 million gallons per day, according to WDEQ’s final permit. “The discharge undergoes some passive oil-water separation and settling of solids using retention pits prior to the final points of discharge.”


Frenchie Draw Gas Field “is a gas production treatment unit that separates gas from formation waters at the surface using a gun barrel technology, and skim ponds and tanks.”

WDEQ said in their announcement, “this permit does not allow discharges of drilling fluids, acids, stimulation waters or other fluids derived from the drilling or completion of the wells.”

The permit was revised following the public comment period and can be read by clicking here. WDEQ’s responses to public comments can be read here.


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