#Activate10: PSA from Longmire series author Craig Johnson; tips on how to social distance

Our community is large and wildly diverse, which is at the same time our strength and our weakness. #Activate10 is a movement seeking to increase communication between individuals and organizations across Fremont County and to promote positive action in our communities.

Last week, County 10 shared two PSAs from prominent Wyomingites C.J. Box and the Galloway family on the importance of following Public Health and CDC recommendations to flatten the curve.


The Wyoming COVID Response collaborative of funders supporting the fight against the pandemic brings you a message from the Longmire series author Craig Johnson.

The Wyoming COVID Response collaborative partners support nonprofit organizations, communities, healthcare workers and others around the state who are addressing the multiple needs brought on by this crisis.

In addition to these efforts, funding partners felt that providing a distinctly Wyoming voice by noted members of our community would be another effective way to support Wyoming’s efforts to reduce the impact of the pandemic and support our local communities. Every spokesperson that we have approached has been enthusiastic to participate. We have completed two PSAs featuring the Galloway Family of Gillette and author C.J. Box of Saratoga. Future PSAs will feature former Senator Alan Simpson, author Craig Johnson, Representative Andi Clifford, and former Miss Wyoming Jessie Allen. These will be released over the next few weeks.

Current participating partners on COVID-19 Public Service Announcements are:
George B. Storer Foundation
Wyoming Community Foundation
John P. Ellbogen Foundation
Homer and Mildred Scott Foundation
Foundation for the Episcopal Diocese of Wyoming

They recently launched a Facebook page and website.

h/t New Mexico PBS for the featured photo