#Activate10: Fort Washakie School staff prepare breakfast and lunch delivery to students

Fort Washakie School staff members have been busy this week preparing and delivering breakfast and lunch to students while school is closed. They posted the following information on their Facebook page this week:

Thanks to Fort Washakie Schools staff here today to deep clean and ensure our kids still have access to lunch and breakfast!

A couple of things we’re asking of families to help with these deliveries:
1) If you see the school vehicle or hear the horn, please help the drivers out by meeting them at your driveway. Some of the drives are difficult for buses to turn around in.
2) If you will not be home when deliveries are made, please leave a cooler or somewhat secure box for us to leave them in. If there is not a secure location and there are loose pets around, our drivers will not leave the meals.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

We know this is an odd time for everyone and while the County10.com staff is committed to bringing you as much Coronavirus content as is necessary, we also feel like it’s important to remind you of all the good happening with our friends and neighbors. If you have a story about a good deed, someone helping others, etc. and would like them to be recognized, send ideas over to: [email protected]

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