Accomplishments & Experience Make Mark Gordon Ready to Lead

    When it comes to the upcoming Wyoming gubernatorial race, there is only one candidate with the experience, knowledge and vision to lead Wyoming forward – Mark Gordon.

    Gordon, the Republican nominee for Governor, is the only candidate in the race for Governor who has a proven record saving taxpayers money, working with the legislature to help Wyoming businesses and standing up to protect your Constitution. As Treasurer, Mark grew state investments by $5 billion. Last year alone, the Treasurer’s office delivered more than $900 million in earnings. This equals $1,500 in tax savings for every Wyoming citizen.

    There’s a record of accomplishment that Mark has that no other candidate has, and that’s how to get things done in state government. – former Wyoming Governor Jim Geringer.


    “He managed the state investments so well that it returned a huge amount of money to the state. No one else can claim that kind of revenue income.”

    Gordon also led an overhaul of the State Treasurer’s office, modernizing obsolete systems and bringing functions in-house to be more cost-effective. As a result, Wyoming is well positioned to realize even greater returns in the future. Mark’s efforts to improve transparency surrounding the state’s financial portfolio resulted in Wyoming being ranked number one in the United States in recent years for transparency.

    “If you want to find somebody who can hit the ground running, who knows our values, who can see our future and pass something along to our children and grandchildren, that person is Mark Gordon,” continued Governor Geringer.

    The general election will be held Tuesday, November 6th. For more information on Mark Gordon or to find your polling location, visit


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