Abba’s House PMC seeking Clinic/Nurse Manager

Clinic/Nurse Manager is primarily an administrative position responsible for supervising medical staff, clinic functions, and medical services. They may participate in patient care, but the primary role is administrative. The Clinic/Nurse Manager’s primary function is to ensure that the clinic operates legally and in compliance with its medical policies, procedures, and standing orders under the general supervision of the Medical Director and the Executive CEO.

Time Commitment: Tuesday-Thursday 10 AM to 5 PM


  1. Expresses full agreement with Abba’s House Statement of Faith, Mission Statement and Code of Christian Conduct.
  2. Holds a current RN license in good standing with the Wyoming State Board of Nursing.

General Requirements:

  1. Is dependable, stable, and capable of following through on commitments.
  2. Has a sincere desire to reach out to at-risk patients considering abortion.
  3. Maintains a consistent life-affirming philosophy and would never refer or advise a patient to have an abortion. (When a situation arises where a mother’s life is at risk, the clinic advocates taking measures to preserve her life, hoping that the mother and her child can both be saved.)
  4. Exhibits strong interpersonal, spiritual and administrative skills, takes initiative and is flexible.
  5. Physically able to stand for long periods of time, has good eyesight or corrected vision. Has steady hands and has a good bedside manner.
  6. Skilled with current technology and able to learn new skills quickly.

Nursing Duties:

  1. Complies with the policies and procedures of the clinic.
  2. Respects confidentiality and upholds privacy per HIPPA.
  3. Must obtain education, training, and documentation of competency to perform limited obstetric ultrasound.
  4. Maintains a working knowledge of nursing methods, principles, and practices in relation to the prevention and treatment of disease, safety and infection control, clinic systems, and supplies and equipment.
  5. Provides nursing care, assesses patient needs, and makes nursing judgements that reflect professional standards of care.
  6. Maintains accurate record and follows through on physician’s orders.
  7. Ensures accurate implementation of physician’s orders and advises physicians of patients progress and changes in condition.
  8. Provides educations for patients to develop an understanding of their health condition.

Staff Management Duties:

  1. Organizes, directs, supervises, and evaluates professional and ancillary personnel and records.
  2. Oversees patient follow-up.
  3. Oversees performance of pregnancy tests.
  4. Organizes continuing education and training for staff.
  5. Recruits qualified medical team staff and volunteers to meet the needs of the clinic.
  6. Oversees training and orientation of the clinic medical team, including spiritual wellbeing.
  7. Conducts medical team conferences, meetings, and discussions.

Clinic Management:

  1. Oversees nursing services at the clinic.
  2. Responsible for equipment and supplies.
  3. Develops, maintains, reviews and updates clinic Policies and Procedures.
  4. Ensures compliance with OSHA & HIPPA guidelines.
  5. Responsible for Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI).
  6. Medical Supply inventory management and ordering.
  7. Works in conjunction with physicians, nurses, and lay counselors to assure that patients are receiving the best medical, nursing, spiritual, and psychosocial care possible.

Public Relations:

  1. Represents the clinic in the community as delegated by the CEO.
  2. Attends medical conferences that offer professional training and information pertinent to the clinic’s practices.

Professional Development:

  1. Maintains professional license.
  2. Increases knowledge of management, obstetrical, gynecological care, and patient’s health issues.
  3. Participates in annual skills refresher and assessment for competency.

Ready to Apply?
Contact Leilani Schrock at 307.856.0999 or Email You may also stop by the center at 2420 Watt Ct, Riverton, WY 82501.

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