A special thank you to all who delivered food in Arapahoe yesterday – 1090 families provided for!

This week the Strengthening Generations team and the Transportation team in collaboration with Northern Arapaho Tribe and Foundations of the Nations served over 200 elders with food deliveries throughout the week and 890 families at the drive-thru with food distribution in Arapahoe yesterday. That is 1090 families! They were even able to get 2 cases of bananas to the trailers.

If you see Donna Trosper, Consuelo Lopez, Robert Gooch, Georgine Brown, Ryan Spoonhunter, Wallace Day, Matt Warren, Liz Salway, and Robbie Valdez, thank them for all the hard work they put into our elders and families. That was a lot of food and a lot of happy families.


We are just getting started! Way to go team!

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