A Mom’s choice for fast smiles on a busy night…

    It’s begun. The crazy schedules, the waving to family members as our cars pass somewhere in town. I’m a Mom and I know that school starts the same time every year.

    I know that it’s always #crazytown, but every year we are convinced it won’t. be. like. this.

    Doing something over and over and expecting a different result….isn’t that the definition of insanity? If you were to visit our home (letting it all hang out here), that’s a totally accurate definition.

    So when you really should be in a straightjacket, sitting everyone down to a meal at the same time and place is – pretty much nearly impossible. But for our family, it’s important, like really important. 

    So our choice for great food fast is…

    Most of us opt for salads and shakes. FACT: McDonald’s salad blend has more varieties of greens then I can list in this little caption and they come with Newman’s Own dressing. Their shakes are now made with all-natural ingredients and no preservatives too.


    …So we can get on to the important things, like catching up on everyone’s day, the Cowboys football season…


    Okay, so I don’t do a shake. I do wine. If you have kids, you feel me. Aaaand, picking up fast food doesn’t mean you have to slum it guys, those are REAL plates. I gotta get a win here and there, right?!


    ….and being flabbergasted the kids have never tried dunking their fries in their shakes. Then laughing hysterically at the idea….then trying it and LOVING IT!


    Do you see that smile? It was achieved with all white meat chicken, on a bun with no preservatives and crispy delicious fries….and it was done in under 20 minutes from my butt still at work to the curling of the corners of the mouth when a fry covered in shake hit that mouth for the first time. #lifegoals #needanap

    I’m Lovin’ It, too.


    Craig, Alex and the rest of their great Lander crew are ready to serve you! Someone else will serve you in other places, and they’re probably awesome too!

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