A gift that keeps giving: Consider the life-saving gift of a blood donation this January

by Dr. Greg Clifford, Emergency Medicine Physician at SageWest Health Care

Every two seconds, someone in the U.S. needs blood – but only about 10 percent of those who are eligible to give actually make a blood donation each year. Donated blood is a necessary part of helping patients cope with a wide variety of conditions, including burns, trauma, heart surgery, cancer, organ transplants, and more. And a little goes a long way, as a one-time blood donation can save the lives of up to three people. It’s one of the best ways to give back to others and help improve the health of our community.

“Winter weather combined with COVID-19 and cold/ flu season has caused blood donations to drop, this past year has been difficult, the need for blood has remained constant and we are asking for your help.”

At SageWest Health Care, we’re proud to partner with our local Vitalant to host local blood drives. To be eligible to donate, a person must be at least 17 years old, weigh at least 110 pounds and be in generally good health.

Donating blood is a simple and safe process that includes registration, a confidential medical history survey and mini-physical, and the donation itself, which takes no more than 10 minutes. After your donation, you’ll receive a rejuvenating snack and a brief rest so you can get back to your day’s activities with minimal disruption.

“To Ensure blood is available…..would you roll up your sleeve and donate blood?” said VitalantSenior Donor Recruitment Representative, Sandy Thomas. “Make your appointment to donate blood today!“

Getting the donation process started is quick and easy with the Vitalant Fast Track, which you can complete by visiting Vitalant Fast Track here. Fast Track gives you a head start on your pre-donation education and health history survey and allows you to save time at the donation location.

SageWest will be hosting two blood drives in February. Vitalant will be at the Lander campus on Wednesday, February 3, and at the Riverton campus on Thursday, February 4. As always, all employee participants will be entered in a drawing for a dietary card valued at $30, one for each campus, and earn 100 Vitality points. You may make an appointment by clicking one of the links below. If you need assistance with making an appointment, please let me know. Thank you, in advance, for your generous donation.

Lander: Make An Appointment

Riverton: Make An Appointment

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