A day at the fair – the halfway point

The temperatures cooled off, the competition of the fair began to take the forefront and the newness of the venue began to wear off. Still the kids showing livestock, and their supportive parents kept at it on the fourth day of the Fremont County Fair in Riverton

Lainy Duncan, a Lander FFA member sheared her sheep Wednesday afternoon. {h/t Randy Tucker}
Haven Laird, Taylor Anderson and Elayna Hedges their rabbits late Wednesday morning. {h/t Randy Tucker}
Izzi Cruickshank, Pehton Helton and Tinlsey McConnaughey finished in the top three in lightweight hogs. {h/t Randy Tucker}
Sandcastles at the fair. Little brothers and sisters of older kids showing hogs found a patch of wet sand behind the grandstands to build a few epic sandcastles. {h/t Randy Tucker}

Swine competition requires locking in with the judges’ eyes as you guide a sometimes less than obliging animal around the show ring. {h/t Randy Tucker}

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