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(Riverton, WY) – The Little Red School house of frontier America understood the benefit of mixed age levels in the same classroom. Trinity Lutheran School in Riverton continues that tradition in a Classical Christian Education setting.

Classical Christian Education involves direct instruction, memorization, repetition, cursive writing and immersion in the liberal arts. Techniques used descended to us from the teaching styles of ancient Greece, creating an environment that plants the seeds of learning in each child.

Reading the great books, learning Latin, and cross-curriculum integration of all academic areas into a natural age progression is provided via several age-specific, multi-grade classrooms.

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A visit to the kindergarten may find five and six-year-olds singing Latin chants, reciting poetry, memorizing math facts, learning the basics of reading through phonics, while taking time for physical education, art, music, free play discovery time and recess.

The kindergarten meets Monday, Wednesday and Friday for a full day with the first grade.

Trinity elementary students performed at Hospice in Riverton (h/t TLS)

The younger students benefit from hearing first grade lessons, while the older children are reinforced by lessons they learned the previous year.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, the first graders work in a single grade setting. You might find them in formal reading groups, writing groups, spelling sessions, moving forward into mathematical concepts and learning more advanced Latin.

Small class sizes and individual attention are hallmarks of Trinity Lutheran School (h/t TLS)

The second and third grade are in the same classroom, continuing the multi-age benefits at the primary level. Second and third graders begin cursive writing with a standard classical curriculum. More formal grammar lessons, math facts, computational skill development and introduction to history and science are all integrated, along with more advanced Latin at this age level.

At fourth and fifth grade, students build on the foundation established in earlier grades. They begin formalized writing, based on imitation versus free verse. At this age level, students begin to learn math at a level appropriate for them. Advanced students can begin taking math usually reserved for upper grades to augment their natural mathematical affinity. It is not uncommon for graduates of Trinity Lutheran School to have completed Algebra II, allowing them to step into advanced math classes at any public high school in the state as incoming freshman.

Trinity Middle School students performed for Christmas at Jerry’s Flowers and Things (h/t TLS)

Fourth and fifth grade students continue the formal music instruction they began during pre-school, and begin learning to play hand bells, read music and perform at school and community events.


The middle school is the only three-grade classroom, with sixth, seventh and eighth students working together, benefiting from a three-year cycle curriculum that is always introducing new topics, techniques and knowledge to students with each consecutive year of attendance.

Middle school students began a formal logic curriculum, work in pre-Algebra and Algebra for all students and Algebra II for advanced children.

Middle school students learn to fence under professional instruction as part of their physical education curriculum. They compete in volleyball, basketball and track against other Fremont County Schools and are consistent winners at the Fremont County Spelling Bee over the last 27 years.


Graduates of Trinity Lutheran School in recent years have been valedictorians, graduated from the United State Military Academy at West Point, have earned doctoral degrees, advanced degrees in science, engineering and education and have earned college athletic scholarships.

Trinity students learn in a small class size, multi-age setting (h/t TLS)

Giving your child an opportunity to excel educationally as so many previous Trinity students have is a personal choice, and a financial one.

Tuition, fees and donations fund the school. Trinity receives no federal funding and as such is exempt from controversial federal mandates.

The staff is trained in Christian Classical Educational instruction, and continues to take advantage of ongoing training in this fast-paced, growing movement that takes education back to its classical roots. Roots that brought Christian values and beliefs to an educational setting to prepare students for all aspects of adult life. The overriding message at Trinity Lutheran School is to continue this tradition in a Christ-centered instructional setting.

Additional information can be found by calling the school office at 857-5710 or by dropping in to take a look at what’s going on and arranging a tour. The school is located at 419 East Park in Riverton.    


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