A “Beefy” Day at the Fair

Showing livestock has its challenges, no matter what the species, you have to put in the right amount of preparation if you expect to compete well at the county fair. Poultry, rabbits, hogs, lambs, goats, and even dogs and cats all present unique challenges for the young people showing them, but none of it matches the preparation, perspiration, and presentation that showing cattle does.

Kaylynn Weber led her yearling out of the show ring {h/t Randy Tucker}
Shawn Reid of Pavillion worked his steer in the show ring {h/t Randy Tucker}
Tyne Cuin led his steer around the show ring {h/t Randy Tucker}

The various 4H and FFA age division classifications of cattle, from showmanship to market animals doesn’t start on the opening day of the fair but has its roots back in January when calves are selected by most participants, and in February when they’re tagged for the fair.

Jenna Freese of Pavillion kept her Hereford steer at attention {h/t Randy Tucker}
Corbin Marshall prepped for the show ring with her dad Charlie Marshall {h/t Randy Tucker}

In between, it’s all in how much you want to work in preparing your steer, heifer, or cow for the fair.


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