8 Lander Valley High School skiers make All-State list

Kaleb Simonson - Photo H/T: Camille Whiting

8 skiers from Lander Valley High School have been recognied by the Wyoming Coaches’ Association for being All-State nordic skiiers.

Lander took second place in both the girls and boys championships this weekend. Six ladies and two boys made the list;



Kaylynn Sandall                   Lander Valley HS

Abigail Whitman                  Laramie HS

Mady Willis                           Natrona Co HS

Samantha Veauthier           Kelly Walsh HS

Maria Anderson                   Lander Valley HS

Kate Wilmot                          Lander Valley HS

Ursula Anderson                 Lander Valley HS

Isabella Brown                     Natrona Co HS

Shayla Babits                       Lander Valley HS

Hazel Womack                     Lander Valley HS


Kaleb Simonson                 Lander Valley HS

Connor Mays                       Lander Valley HS

Carter Boatright                  Natrona Co HS

Fletcher Hartsky                  Laramie HS

Gus Kauffman                      Laramie HS

Joe Goodrich                        Jackson Hole HS

Joel Komkven                      Natrona Co HS

Tristan Smith                       Laramie HS

Mason Wheeler                   Jackson Hole HS

Connor Frick                        Laramie HS