5/6: Update from the Fremont County Incident Management Team

Below is the latest update from the Fremont County Public Health Officer Dr. Brian Gee.


The total number of those tested positive for COVID-19 in Fremont County is 155 (with 9 probable cases).

Fremont County saw a large jump in numbers today. This is a result of testing contacts of individuals who are positive for COVID-19. After speaking with those involved with contact tracing, this would suggest continued community spread is occurring in parts of the county. This process of contact tracing and isolation along with subsequent testing is important for communities as it helps providers know who has the disease (even with minimal symptoms) and to enact isolation and quarantine orders which keeps individuals from the community at large. Because the symptoms of COVID-19 can be minimal Fremont County Public Health would like to remind our community and providers to consider all the symptoms that might suggest an infection with COVID-19.

These symptoms still include cough and shortness of breath, however, people should be aware that fever, chills, headache, sore throat, muscle pain, shaking chills or new loss of taste or smell can also be associated with COVID-19 along with other symptoms like gastrointestinal and skin changes, as per recently released guidelines from the CDC. If you have any of these symptoms, please call your provider or Fremont County Public Health to discuss them and the potential need for testing as soon as possible.

Your continued adherence to physical distancing, hygiene practices, and mask use again are designed to protect you and those around you.

Thank you.

Brian Gee MD
Fremont County Health Officer

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