43 Central Wyoming College student-athletes recognized for academic achievements

    Forty-three Central Wyoming College athletes were awarded Region IX Academic Awards for maintaining a grade point average (GPA) of 3.25 or higher, and 28 athletes were winners of the NJCAA Academic Student-Athlete Award.  This award requires a student-athlete to maintain a 3.6-3.79 GPA to make Third Team, a 3.8-3.99 GPA to make Second Team and a 4.0 GPA to make First Team.  Seven teams have been nominated for the NJCAA Academic Team of the Year Award including women’s basketball (3.16 team GPA), women’s cross country (3.3 team GPA), women’s golf (team GPA 3.77), women’s soccer (3.35 team GPA), women’s volleyball (3.41 team GPA), men’s soccer (3.23 team GPA) and men’s cross country (3.04 team GPA).  Myra Rudolf and Shelby Weltz have been nominated for the 2020 NIRA Scholar American Award.  Both Rodeo students have maintained a cumulative 3.5 GPA and have earned at least 1 point during the 2019-20 academic year.

    2019-20 Region IX Award Recipients:

    Men’s Cross Country

    • Brayden Kovick
    • Kenyion Townsend

    Men’s Golf

    • Dominic D’Anzi
    • Kyle Phister

    Men’s Basketball

    Men’s Soccer

    • Dayne Bradley
    • Akil Ebanks
    • Mason Erickson
    • Serdar Gayybov
    • Noah Hutchinson
    • Ike Lynn
    • Daniel Morales
    • Jayden Nelson
    • Marko Pavlovic

    Women’s Cross Country

    • Scarlett Sisemore
    • Trysta Stingley

    Women’s Golf

    • Rosslyn Brownell
    • Alexis Cornell
    • Kyra Sponenburgh
    • Jordan Vanetti

    Women’s Basketball

    • Siona Astorga
    • Carlee Flanagan
    • Angela Neyland
    • Lani Taliauli
    • Paityn Williams

    Women’s Volleyball

    • Paityn Williams
    • Carly Connor
    • Jaden Daffer
    • Oaklee Lerohl
    • Mackie McDonald
    • Mary Moyle
    • Ashley Steffen
    • Aubri Whatcott

    Women’s Soccer

    • Carlee Flanagan
    • Errolyn Adams
    • Nicole Davis
    • Caitland Erickson
    • Sadie Forney
    • Autumn Hnilicka
    • Mackenzie Miller
    • Madison Seamon
    • Elliott Stafford
    • Morgan Vanetti

    2019-20 NJCAA Academic Student-Athlete Award Recipients:

    First Team (4.0 GPA)

    • Mason Erickson (men’s soccer)
    • Carlee Flanagan (women’s soccer/women’s basketball)
    • Autumn Hnilicka (women’s soccer)
    • Noah Hutchinson (men’s soccer)
    • Jayden Nelson (men’s soccer)
    • Angela Neyland (women’s basketball)
    • Kyle Phister (men’s golf)
    • Kyra Sponenburgh (women’s golf)
    • Morgan Vanetti (women’s soccer)
    • Jade Ware (women’s basketball)
    • Aubri Whatcott (volleyball)

    Second Team (3.8-3.99 GPA)

    • Nicole Davis (women’s soccer)
    • Anamarija Durajilia (volleyball)
    • Oaklee Lerohl (volleyball)
    • Mackenzie Miller (women’s soccer)
    • Daniel Morales Espinoza (men’s soccer)
    • Trysta Stingley (women’s cross country)

    Third Team (3.6-3.79 GPA)

    • Rosslyn Brownell (women’s golf)
    • Alexis Cornell (women’s golf)
    • Caitland Erickson (women’s soccer)
    • Sadie Forney (women’s soccer)
    • Brayden Kovick (men’s cross country)
    • Mary Moyle (volleyball)
    • Marko Pavlovic (men’s basketball/men’s soccer)
    • Madison Seaman (women’s soccer)
    • Ashley Steffen (volleyball)
    • Lani Taliauli (women’s basketball)
    • Jordan Vanetti (women’s golf)

    “CWC student athletes put academics first, and I am continually impressed by how well our athletes perform in the classroom. Our athletes are able to manage a rigorous schedule outside of the classroom and still perform with high standards academically.  The challenges brought on by COVID 19 this past semester have been difficult, but students, staff and faculty have all worked together to ensure CWC academics are exceptional.” -CWC Athletic Director, Steve Barlow

    *GPA’s are computed, and Awards/Nominations are submitted based on very strict criteria provided by Region IX and the NJCAA*

    For a full list of 2019-20 NJCAA Academic Team Awards and Nominations click here.  For a full list of 2019-20 NJCAA All-Academic Team Award Winners click here.



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