4 Amazing Golf Courses You Need To See If You’re a Golf Lover

Golf is a game of great luxury and hence offers some of the most amazing courses that will give you once in a lifetime experience. These golf courses make the best combination of this refined sport and some of the most picturesque sceneries giving you an epic experience. Usually, the games of golf are played along a cool coastline, but games played near lakes, in mountains, or even dessert, and not to forget on the islands, are pretty amazing as well. In this line, there are numerous golf courses on the fields constructed by some most prominent architects and at different prices. You might be surprised, but there are some courses that have quite reasonable prices. Here is a list of some of the most amazing golf courses if you are a true golf lover. 

Great Waters at Reynolds Lake Oconee

Undoubtedly one of the most aesthetic places you can play your golf games and be immersed in one of the most breathtaking sceneries. Course by Jack Nicklaus, the person with an eminent golf legacy and the one with the most shining golf careers in golfing history. This course will not only get you the quality of the game but the architectural layout that itself is a masterpiece. Since this is one of the signature courses of Jack Nicklaus offering you a perfect balance of both, wooded and lake holes, the Great Waters Course winds through densely wooded paths that at one point open to the scenic lake views.

Apart from the games and intact nature, these fields have all the necessary architectural features that will guarantee you the best quality of game without any interruptions such as problems with irrigation, drainage system, and with the updated features of the bunker designs that are at the same time the major characteristics of the modern infrastructure. 


Additionally, with the latest renovation of the course, there are added new back tees contributing to the modernization of the course, at the same time reducing the shade and overall turf improvement. So, to experience one of the greatest golf courses, all you will need is your clubs and golf driver, along with other equipment you find necessary. Nothing stops you from enjoying the games on this outstanding field. 

Fazio Course at Red Sky

This is a fascinating place offering you once in a lifetime experience with a whole variety of terrain suitable for players of all skill levels. This field is characterized by sage-covered hills, aspen forests, and a highland lake. The constructing team took special care of the plants and woods they found at the site during the construction of the field. All of the plants were removed to the plant nursery and later on re-planted all along the course. This is not only the place where you will get a chance to play great golf but will give you a chance to enjoy some of the most dramatic sceneries of the Rocky Mountains. According to the rankings, this course takes a prominent position and these also occupy the high position for one of the best layouts in the Centennial State. 

Royal Isabela

Royal Isabela is a luxurious golfing resort in Puerto Rico. This resort is characterized by ocean views, lush greens, and native plants, all of them expanding along the cliff 200 ft above the ocean with breathtaking views of the sand dunes of the Atlantic coast. This golfing course offers a unique synergy with the plants, birds, and butterflies that are native to the area of Isabella of Puerto Rico. All the golf enthusiasts and true golf lovers enjoy it when all elements come together and trade winds and the shape of the course will guarantee you some of the best golfing games you have ever experienced. 

Oitavos Dunes

Nothing can give you a teenage thrill as the games played at the Oitavos Dunes. This golf course is listed to be among the most popular courses in the world and hence there is no doubt why it found itself on the list of the Top 100 Golf Courses of the World. Played games in the field surrounded by the coastline and canvasing Sintra Mountains. 

Passionate golf players tend to be quite picky when choosing the best course where they intend to play their games. The perfect balance of natural features with well-equipped fields and sceneries that will take your breath away are just some of the most important items on the list for satisfying the taste of every passionate and active golf player.


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