4/30: Update from Fremont County Incident Management Team

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Below is the following release from the Fremont County Incident Management Team.


Guidance on the modified health orders that take effect May 1:

Before May 1, it is the responsibility of business owners and their employees to read the new orders in full and to strictly adhere to them. We encourage customers to be familiar with the orders and to give feedback to businesses. They can be found by clicking here.

Summary of Changes to Statewide Public Health Orders:

 Gyms will be permitted to open on May 1 by strictly adhering to the public health guidelines outlined in the new order. These include limits on the number of patrons in the facility, a requirement that staff wears face coverings, and the closure of locker rooms. Gyms are also prohibited from offering one-on-one personal training and group classes.

 Child care centers and home daycares to operate under the specific conditions and precautions listed in the order. These include limiting groups of people to fewer than 10 per room and implementing screening and cleaning protocols.

 Nail and hair salons, barbershops; cosmetology, electrology, and esthetic services; massage therapy services; and tattoo, body art and piercing shops may also open in a limited capacity on May 1 as long as they follow certain conditions. These include and are not limited to operational requirements limiting the number of patrons, screening of patrons and staff for symptoms of illness or exposure to a person with COVID-19, requiring patrons and staff to wear face coverings and eliminating waiting areas.

Exceptions to the orders:

The Fremont County Health officer has not granted ANY exemptions to the modified orders.

No specific exception requests will be considered by the Fremont County Health Officer until after May 15, 2020.

Exceptions are not approved by the County Health Officer alone. They require the support of local elected officials and approval by the State Health Officer.

The exception process:

1. Exceptions for individual businesses and specific activities that are restricted by the statewide orders may be submitted to the Fremont County Emergency Council (EOC). A request shall include a detailed, written plan for operating while protecting public health.

2. With their support and approval the EOC will submit the exception request to the County Health Officer.

3. If the County Health Officer believes the plan is sufficient to protect public health, the plan will then be submitted to the State Health Officer for consideration.

4. The State Health Officer will consider these exceptions on a case-by-case basis. When determining whether to approve the exception, the State Health Officer will consider the priority metrics identified above, as well as country-specific information.

5. If approved in writing by the State Health Officer, counties shall review it with the County Attorney. If approved, they will document the approved exception by writing an “exception approval letter” signed by the County Health Officer.

6. A copy of the exception approval letter should be posted on the premises before opening and operating under these exceptions.

Any school or school district requesting an exception shall assure that it is also in compliance with all the requirements of the Department of Education. Any exception granted by the State Health Officer relates only to the Statewide Public Health orders; it does not create any exception to the requirements of the Department of Education.

Brian Gee MD
Fremont County Health Officer

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