300 rainbow trout stocked into Lander’s Luckey Pond this spring [Video]

    Ice is beginning to melt and this is a great time of year to get out and fish. As the ice melts and water temperatures warm, fish are hungry. A great place to fish right now is Lander’s Luckey Pond.

    This winter 300, 14 to 18-inch (age-2) fall-spawning rainbow trout were stocked through the ice. These fish were brood culls from Wyoming Game and Fish Department’s Boulder Fish Rearing Station broodstock. Three thousand broodstock are held at the Station each year, and excess fish are released into Wyoming waters for anglers to catch.

    Game and Fish crews stock 450 waters in the state every year to improve sport fishing for anglers. However, whether stocked or not, Wyoming has some of the best fishing around, so check your open water conditions and get out and fish!



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