3 grizzly bears captured in Fremont County last year

(Fremont County, WY) – The Wyoming Game and Fish Department captured 3 grizzly bears in Fremont County last year in an effort to prevent or resolve conflicts. 2 of the bears were relocated, and one was euthanized.

The Wyoming Game and Fish Department released their annual grizzly bear capture report for northwest Wyoming in 2020 providing a few details about these captures.


“In Wyoming, grizzly bear conflicts are defined as ‘interactions between grizzly bears, people and their property, resulting in damage to pets, livestock or bees, non-natural food rewards, animal caused human injury or death, and human-caused injury or death to an animal other than legal hunting or a management action,’” the report explains.

Grizzly 499 and her youngster, G271, were both captured in Fremont County on September 2nd, 2020, for “cattle depredations.” The two were relocated together in Park County.

The third grizzly was captured on October 19th, 2020, and was “removed for habituated behavior, property damage, and human safety (near subdivision, town, and school).”

These three are part of a northwest Wyoming total of 26 grizzlies that were captured in 2020. One bear was captured twice. 18 of the 26 were euthanized.

A captured grizzly in Park County was relocated to Fremont County last year. Bear 987 was “captured for pig depredation and property damage” and relocated north of Dubois in May.

Adult males make up the majority of captures, the report noted. Of the 26, 8 were female and 18 were male grizzly bears.

You can read the detailed WGFD report, which includes maps, by clicking here.


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