3/27: 10 Fremont County COVID-19 cases in Lander; 6 in Ethete

Fremont County Incident Management Team release:

The current Fremont County number of tested positives is ___17___.  Recently, the Wyoming Department of Health web page added statistics and images to display demographics of patients known to be positive in each county. As you are likely observing, the numbers across the state are rising on a daily basis



Due to the lack of testing and availability of testing data, Fremont County public health and the Incident command have been polling all our public health nurses, clinics and providers to understand the number of people who have been directed to self-isolate .  The current county number we have for self-isolation for days from  3/19/20 to 3/27/20 is estimated at over 400.  We also report that _____23____ people are quarantined.   Recoveries are at ___2___ for now from known positives.

Positive cases by Fremont County region:

10 Lander (all related to Showboat)

1 Riverton

6 Ethete (related to Showboat)

The advice stays the same:  Keep 6 distance feet between people and groups should be less then 10.

On a more positive note, we are now considering potential discharges of some of the patients with this disease. While this is wonderful news, it points to the fact that the average discharge from beginning to the end of hospitalization in the US for people who get COVID is around 11 days.  This, in itself, is different from most disease processes. Because of this Public Health is working with all providers in the county to see how best to manage these patients as they begin a transition out of the hospital. We are currently collecting names of many healthcare providers who would be interested in helping, if needed , with this process.  The response has been phenomenal so far.  

In closing

Based on the numbers we are seeing over the last week, the number of cases in Fremont County is growing at a rapid rate.  The Fremont County Health Department is stressing the importance to heed the Governors request and continue the self-isolation and distancing.  We would all like this bad news to be better but until our measures are fully implemented through Fremont County, we encourage everyone to stay the course.

Fremont County Public Health Officer Dr. Brian Gee held a press conference today in regard to Coronavirus in Fremont County. To listen to it in its entirety, click here. The press conference was also recorded. To view the video, click here.


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