3/26 update from the Fremont County Incident Management Team

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Below is the March 26th update from the Fremont County Incident Management Team.


Today the Fremont County Incident Command acted this week to increase focus on 4 strategic areas:

  1. Information Management
  2. Logistics
  3. Contingency and next level planning
  4. Better coordination with the State, specifically DOH and Homeland Security


  • Tomorrow we expect to provide a picture of what we see as the scope of the disease in Fremont County. We have been collecting information from clinics, providers and SageWest to understand a rough estimate of the number of people effected in the county.
  • Accurate testing data and visibility to the pipeline is very limited. The numbers on the Wyoming Department of Health website only have detail of tests from Wyoming State Lab. They produce a total number of tests from public and private labs, but not on the individual county statistics. The private company tests are not as visible and frequently have 5 to 10 day delays in reporting.


  • The nature of this epidemic has demonstrated how challenging it is to coordinate between private and public groups, and also between local and state entities. We are developing new tactics to improve and identify supplies of critical equipment.
  • Our partnership conversations with local businesses, providers, faith based groups, and school districts are paying dividends to coordinate the management of this epidemic.

Contingency Planning

  • Meetings this week with SageWest, County Health, and other institutions with access to healthcare infrastructure are giving us a clearer picture of extra capacity available if the situation continues and details are being included in our planning.
  • Many private industries and institutions have contributed protective equipment to clinics and providers that were out. We appreciate the community in what they are providing.

Coordination with other agencies

  • Members from the Incident Command met with the Wyoming Department of Health, Homeland Security, WYDOT, Tribal leaders and many others this week to work on data collection and coordination.
  • We encouraged the agencies to improve the completeness and accuracy of information and also to look for opportunities to improve cooperation with the counties.

Remember to maintain 6 feet of distance between other people and keep meeting groups to less than 10.

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