2nd Legislative Redistricting Plan meeting scheduled in Shoshoni on Thursday

    (Shoshoni, WY) – The Fremont County Legislators and the County Clerk’s Office are holding a public meeting on Thursday, November 11th, from 6-8 pm at the Shoshoni Senior Citizens Center – 209 Main Street.

    The purpose of the meeting is to discuss Fremont County’s preferred Legislative Redistricting Plan.

    Legislative Redistricting is happening all over Wyoming. Every ten (10) years, after the census is complete, the lines for legislative districts must be redrawn based on the census which may have increased or decreased in size.


    The Shoshoni and Lysite Voting Districts have been included in the Big Horn Basin legislative districts for many years. 

    Each Region in the state has been tasked with coming up with its preferred legislative redistricting plan. Fremont County Legislators have built a preferred plan which could include the Shoshoni and Lysite voting districts into Fremont County House District #34 and Senate District #26 making Fremont County whole for the first time in 40 years.

    The Big Horn Basin, however, since they lost population, also has a plan that includes the Shoshoni and Lysite Voting Districts as their preferred plan.

    This is Fremont County’s citizens’ chance to get more information and voice their opinion regarding the Legislative Redistricting Plan.


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