2nd Discussion on City Senior Staff employment practices at Aug. 17 Riverton Council meeting

(Riveton, WY) – The Riverton City Council will convene for a regular meeting Tuesday, August 17th, 7:00 PM, in the City Hall Council Chambers.

Prior to the regular meeting, the Finance Committee will meet in the City Hall Council
Chambers at 6:45 PM to consider bills to be paid.

Both of these meetings are open to the public and can be livestreamed on the city’s YouTube channel.


There will be a 2nd reading of the ordinance concerning senior staff employment practices, as well as the 3rd and final reading of the 3 ordinances regarding animal cruelty/ownership/control.

The full agenda is below.

1) Call to order

2) Pledge of Allegiance

3) Invocation

4) Roll call:
Ward I: Kyle Larson, Dean Peranteaux
Ward II: Karla Borders, Kristy K. Salisbury
Ward III: Mike Bailey, Lindsey Cox

5) Declaration of quorum

6) Approval of the Agenda

7) Communication from the Floor –
Citizen’s Comments

8) Consent Agenda:
• Approval of the Minutes – August 3, 2021 Regular Council Meeting
• Approval of the Minutes – August 17, 2021 Finance Committee Meeting
• Approval of the Finance Committee Recommendations – August 17, 2021
• Approval of the Municipal Court Report for the month of July 2021

9) EDGE Committee Appointment: Dave Jost, Alternate

10) Public Hearing & Consideration of Fireworks Permit Application: Riverton High School

11) Consideration of Agreement for Temporary Waiver of Riverton Municipal Code 13.20.210 for Property Located at 1220 E Monroe Ave

12) Consideration of Ordinance No. 21-011, 3rd & Final Reading: Cruelty to Animals

13) Consideration of Ordinance No. 21-012, 3rd & Final Reading: Animal Control

14) Consideration of Ordinance No. 21-013, 3rd & Final Reading: Animal Ownership

15) Consideration of Lease Agreement: 307 Chariot/Cutter Racing

16) Consideration of Ordinance No. 21-015, 2nd Reading: Council Concurrence of Senior Staff Appointment Practices

17) Quarterly Fiscal Health Report

Reports and Comments:

18) Council Committee Reports and Council Members’ Roundtable


19) City Administrator’s Report

20) Mayor’s Comments

21) Executive Session – Personnel

22) Adjourn


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