22 activities receive the LOR Foundation’s Lander Summer Spark Grants

    (Lander, WY) – After the COVID-19 pandemic limited summer offerings from traditional providers like Parks and Rec, Lander residents and organizations stepped up to fill the gap with support from the LOR Foundation. As part of Lander Summer Spark, LOR is committing more than $20,000 to help launch 22 summer activities—camps, workshops, and other creative initiatives—that are open to residents of all ages. 

    “We’re so excited to offer a special training to the community,” says Margie Rowell, treasurer for the Lander Pet Connection/ Lander Pet Rescue, which will use the Summer Spark funding to hire a trainer and host a series of dog safety and manners classes aimed at helping owners gain better control of their pups on the trail. “This training will help make the adoptions even more successful. We couldn’t have done this without the LOR Foundation Summer Spark Funding.”  

    Other exciting offerings that received Summer Spark funding include field trips for kids interested in the science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM) fields with the Lander Children’s Museum, a documentary film-making courses for teenagers run by the Lander Library, and an audio-training workshop for kids interested in radio, podcasting, and digital media put on by the pros at Jack FM.


    The Summer Spark activities and many more offered through Parks and Rec begin in June and are spread throughout the summer. The full catalog of activities is available on the Parks and Rec website. Lander residents can sign up for activities such as baking classes, backyard mushroom growing, chess in the park, and more via Parks and Rec or with the hosting organization; the prices and duration of each activity varies. 

    “The Lander community is looking forward to these recreational and educational summer activities,” says Michelle Escudero, LOR’s Lander-based program officer. “The Lander community is ready to share their talents with youth, adults and seniors, and the LOR Foundation is excited to see the Summer Spark offerings pump energy and creativity into the summer months.” 

    About the LOR Foundation: LOR works with rural communities in the Mountain West to enhance livability and prosperity while preserving the character that makes each community unique.


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