2021 Rocky Mountain National Rendezvous begins Wednesday in Riverton

    (Riverton, WY) – The 2021 Rocky Mountain National Rendezvous (RMNR) is taking place at the 1838 Rendezvous Site from July 7th through July 19th. This event may seem similar to the annual Mountain Man Rendezvous that happened last weekend in the same location, however, there are differences that are elaborated on below.

    The 2021 RMNR was originally planned to take place near Roundup, Montana. Due to a wildfire burning in the area they had to find a new location within a matter of days.

    Quick coordination between the RMNR Board of Directors, RMNR 2021 Booshways Jackie Kuhlman and Mike Tomell, as well as our local 1838 Rendevous Association Board of Directors they were able to bring the event here to Fremont County.


    “We are very, very grateful to the 1838 Rendezvous Association, the Town of Riverton and all of its businesses, and to the townspeople of Riverton, for understanding and letting us come here,” Kuhlman shared with County 10. “We are humbled by their generosity.”

    RMNR is a nonprofit organization that has hosted a Rocky Mountain Rendezvous historical reenactment since 1996. They focus on education and sport during the event. Participants, called “buckskinners,” spend this time living primitively, which means as authentic to pre-1840 (clothing, camps, etc) as possible.

    “When buckskinners want to come to this, it’s where they can all come, share, see friends, do competitions, learn, share knowledge, and they come from all over the United States and sometimes all over the world.”

    A typical RMNR is held in a very isolated place near the mountains and is typically only open to the public (not in pre-1840 clothing) for only a few days. The majority of days during RMNR events are what is called “closed camp,” which means if you want to get into the rendezvous you need to be dressed in appropriate pre-1840s attire. 


    Though less isolated, this RMNR event at the 1838 site is no different. It is only open to the public on Friday, July 9th and Saturday, July 10 between 9 am and 4 pm. It is a $5 fee per person for those older than 15 years (anyone younger than 15 years gets in free). 

    Between July 11th – 18th, it will be a closed camp.

    Anyone wishing to attend the rendezvous during closed camp must be dressed in pre-1840s attire and will need to pay a $5 per person day tripper’s pass to access the Rendezvous. There is a registration tent that all must stop at (this includes members of the public as well as day tripper participants).


    The most important part about stopping at the registration tent is filling out and signing the liability waiver. This is a requirement of RMNR’s event insurance and is a critical component of them being able to have a successful event.

    Day tripper participants will also need to pay fees if they wish to participate in the shooting, hawk & knife throwing, archery, cannon shoots, etc (and also must be in pre-1840s attire). 

    The RMNR currently has ~125 pre-registered campers and/or traders. They are expecting around 200-300 camps at this rendezvous – with 3 to 6 people per camp that adds up to quite a few people rather quickly.


    Due to the expectation of a very large camp, the RMNR will be utilizing the entirety of the 1838 Rendezvous Site, according to Kyle Lehto, 1838 Rendezvous Association President. This includes the parking area near the “Rendezvous Ponds.”

    The layout and arrangement of this rendezvous vary greatly from what is typical of the 1838 Rendezvous.

    For the duration of the 2021 RMNR, the 1838 Rendezvous Association asks the following from the community:

    “…that you respect the privacy of the rendezvous goers on the site. If you would like to come for the day, there is a Day Tripper Pass that will be available at the registration booth, but with the exception of the 9th and 10th, event attendees must be in period attire.

    Also, the RMNR has had working crews diligently toiling away since the 1838 Rendezvous closed this past Monday (July 5th), and will be continuing setting up camp this week until opening ceremonies for RMNR on July 7th.

    “From now (July 7th) until Monday, July 19th, we are respectfully asking the public to avoid walking their dogs, swimming in the ponds, fishing, or doing any other activities at the site during the RMNR event (including during setup and cleanup). This is because the RMNR has responsibility for public safety during the event. There will be muzzleloader shooting, archery, hawk and knife, and cannon shooting at the site. These activities can be very dangerous to those that have not checked into registration or don’t know the new ‘lay of the land.’

    “Also, it should be noted: if you’re not willing to sign a liability waiver and pay $5 (or dress in appropriate attire after July 10th) there are other locations nearby that are perfect for dog walking, pond swimming, fishing, or other similar activities.

    “The City and the 1838 Rendezvous Association have public property behind Jerry Bornhoft Construction’s shop that would be an excellent alternative for those not desiring to participate in the Rendezvous and are dog walkers, fishermen, pond swimmers, etc. The turn-off to this area is past the Bornhoft Construction Shop and Sewer Treatment Plant, if heading east there is a right-hand turn towards these ponds (see Lat, Long) (43.017340749211215, -108.35467574851239). 

    “We appreciate everyone’s understanding as we host this very unique event and are hopeful that we can give the RMNR a big Fremont County welcome.”

    You can learn more about the Rocky Mountain National Rendezvous through their website or Facebook.


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