2020 Dubois 4th of July Parade is a go

The Dubois Chamber of Commerce received the final approvals from the State of Wyoming this afternoon to move forward with their 4th of July Parade. The parade will look different than previous years due to COVID-19 restrictions. Below are some of the baseline details of the parade this year.

To adhere to COVID-19 guidelines in social distancing, the parade route will be extended an additional mile to enable families to sit outside their homes, rather than to congregate in the downtown area.


Rather than have a bandstand with a parade announcer, which tends to attract a large crowd of people, floats will be announced on social media in a live stream. This will also enable those that are vulnerable and at risk, such as our seniors at the assisted living center, to still be able to enjoy the parade without going outside.

Parade staff and volunteers will all be provided with face masks and hand sanitizers.

Floats will be encouraged NOT to distribute candy or handouts to reduce the risk of COVID-19 exposure.

Floats will stay a minimum of 20 feet apart.

Information will be disseminated to the community in the weeks ahead of the parade to outline social distancing guidelines for parade participants and observers.

Businesses along the main street will be encouraged to rope off areas in front of their businesses to manage crowd control.

More information will be released by the Dubois Chamber in the coming weeks on their Facebook page and website. County 10 will also continue to share updates as information is released.

County 10 also shared this morning that the Dubois Friday Night Rodeos are a go for this summer as well. Click here for more info.


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