2018 Election Update: Gannett Peak Elementary Students vote overwhelmingly to read ‘Tyrone The Horrible’

Gannett Peak Elementary School students had the opportunity on Tuesday to participate in their own election day.

Teacher Julie Calhoun explained the election process to us, “our principals and instructional facilitators have chosen books to read and have campaigned why their book is the best one for the students to hear.  The kids have created election guides and voter registration cards.”


Voter registration cards were exchanged for ballots and children chose between four books. The results overwhelming were in favor of ‘Tyrone The Horrible,’ which is a book about a dinosaur that is bigger and stronger than the other children-dinosaurs. It’s up to Tyrone’s friends to help him become a nicer dinosaur.

That book collected a whopping 85 votes out of the 116 votes cast. A distant runner-up with 16 votes was a book called ‘How I Became A Pirate.’

The election process both helped children gain an understanding of the United States political system and encouraged them to reach four new books.


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