20-year-old Fremont County man causes three consecutive hit-and-run’s; Is facing up to 24 years of imprisonment

    A 20-year-old Fremont County man, Josiah Arthur, is facing 2 counts of felony property destruction, 3 counts of reckless endangering, and 1 count of stalking after a series of hit-and-run accidents in Riverton took place in late November.

    Just after 1:00 p.m. on November 29th, a report came into the Riverton Police Department that a Black GMC Sierra had sideswiped a Toyota Carolla on the intersection of Major Avenue and Sunset Drive, then fled the scene. The vehicle’s driver was later identified as Josiah Arthur, and witnesses reported there were passengers in the Sierra.

    The Sierra continued and turned into the Riverton High School parking lot where it struck another occupied vehicle that had two high school students inside. The GMC struck a different, unoccupied, vehicle in the RHS parking lot as well.


    During the course of the hit-and-runs at the Riverton High School parking lot, an officer met with the victim that had been hit at Sunset and Major. The driver told an officer that shortly before the crash he was walking his dog near his house when he was approached by a male subject who asked him, “Do you know today is reparation day?”

    The man said he continued to walk his dog and returned to his apartment. A few moments later, the man got into his Toyota Carolla to return to work after his lunch break. He explained to the officer that he encountered the GMC again on West Sunset when it “passed him aggressively.” He said Arthur then pulled the Sierra over, letting the man pass his vehicle. After reaching the intersection of Sunset and Major, the Sierra pulled up on the side of the man’s vehicle. Court documents show the Toyota driver then described that it looked like the driver was yelling something at him, and stood up outside of the vehicle. He then turned his vehicle and, “slammed into his driver’s side two times.” The victim said he did not know any of the people in the vehicle and did not know why this would happen to him.

    A witness that saw this accident described the seeing the same series of events as the Toyota driver, and told RPD officers it was, “the most violent act she has ever witnessed in her life.”

    Another RPD officer met with the victims of the hit-and-run at the high school, a 17-year-old girl, and a 16-year-old girl. The driver said that she was in the process of pulling her truck into a parking spot near the north side of the high school and that Aruthur drove, “directly at her vehicle and struck the front driver’s side.”


    Roughly 15 minutes after the hit-and-runs took place, a Riverton Police officer located the GMC unattended on public street parking. The vehicle had damage to its front and both sides.

    An officer near the vehicle noticed several people looking through the shades of a nearby apartment building, who matched the description of those involved in the incidents.

    Officers knocked on the apartment door where they were greeted by a large group of people, including Josiah Arthur. RPD dispatch had notified officers that the vehicle was registered to Arthur’s grandfather. Upon speaking with Josiah about it, court documents show that he acknowledged that he was the man’s grandson, but denied being in the vehicle.


    Separate interviews with others in the household and the hit-and-run victims indicated that Arthur was indeed the driver of the vehicle.

    Two men in the house admitted to being passengers with Arthur and said that he had, “just went crazy” and was mad at “some guy.”

    Estimates show the total damage that the incidents caused to vehicles was over $18,000.


    If convicted on all six charges, Arthur is facing up to 24 years of imprisonment and a fine of up to $20,750.

    The case was transferred to District Court on December 27th for arraignment at a later date.

    All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.


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