2/3 of Wyoming residents say they participate in outdoor recreation; That’s way above the national average

    A telephone survey provided by the University of Wyoming in October, provided some pretty overwhelming data when it comes to outdoor recreation numbers in Wyoming.

    Roughly 2/3 of participants, of the approximately 600 that took part in the telephone survey, said they participate in some kind of outdoor recreation. That’s more than double the national average.

    Over half of the participants in the survey said the hunted, fished, camped, and hiked. Nearly half said they like to bird watch or go wildlife viewing. Roughly 1/3 of Wyomingites say they use off-road vehicles or snowmobiles. 1/5 of participants said they go mountain biking.


    The only time in the study Wyoming did not exceed the national average, was in the “boating” category, in which Wyoming’s answer of 30% tied the national average.

    Here’s how the survey results broke down in Wyoming compared to the national average by state:

    Hunters: 54% Wyoming – 19% National Average

    Anglers: 54% Wyoming – 23% National Average 


    Camping: 60% Wyoming – 42% National Average 

    Hiking: 58% Wyoming – 49% National Average 

    Bird watching/wildlife viewing: 48% Wyoming – 30% National Average 


    Riding off-road vehicles or snowmobiles: 34% Wyoming – 15% National Average

    Boating: 30% Wyoming – 30% National Average

    Mountain Biking: 20% Wyoming – 12% National Average


    The survey was conducted by the University of Wyoming between October 9th-13th, 2018. Participants answered questions via cell phone and landline.


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