185 bookings, 200 in custody reported by Fremont County Sheriff’s Office

Fremont County Sheriff Ryan Lee shared his department’s monthly update for January at the Fremont County Commissioners’ meeting yesterday, February 11th.


185 in total. Agency booking breakdown is as follows: RPD – 78, FCSO – 70, LPD – 33, WHP – 6, USM – 3, SPD – 2

Inmate Information as of February 10th:

200 in total. 191 are being held at the Fremont County Detention Center. The remaining 9 are either on home confinement or being held out of the county.


46 of the 200 have been sentenced. The remaining 154 are pre-adjudicated.


Medical Services – 7.2% over budget

Contractual Services – 11.6% over budget

Overall Budge – 58.7% @ 58% of fiscal year elapsed



Currently short 4 Deputy Sheriffs. Three in background checks at this time. A strong possibility they will be fully staffed at the Detention Center next month.

One part-time employee at this time.

Overcrowding Issues:

They have been looking at turning single beds into bunk beds and have been seeking quotes on the cost to add beds.


FCSO has been working with Fremont Counseling to cut down on the evaluation time, and a solution has been to set up iPads so the inmate can complete the questionnaire for the Addiction Severity Index (ASI) before their evaluation. This has cut down on processing time considerably, according to Sheriff Lee.

Fremont County Attorney Patrick LeBrun also weighed in on the overcrowding issues at the Fremont County Detention Center during the Commissioner meeting. “We have serious issues with people getting on probation and then violating probation.” Sometimes the judge has no choice but to issue a warrant for those who do not show up to court. It is a cycle of getting arrested, getting out and then not showing up to court. “I don’t know how to fix that. Having someone conduct ASI’s in jail could help.”

LeBrun also shared rising inmate populations across the state is becoming a larger concern. “I don’t think our problem is unique to the state.”


No solution was concluded during the Commissioner meeting. Discussions on this topic will continue.


Narcotics K9 was purchased with funding through Fremont County Prevention D.O.H Grant. They are in service and stationed in the Riverton Patrol Division.

Search and Rescue:

Two missions so far this year. There were 0 at this time last year.


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