17 new general candidate filings submitted this week

County 10 Photo - Kinnear Fire Hall Vote Center

This week, the 2020 election focus shifts to the November 3rd general election as the primaries wrapped up officially yesterday, August 20th, here in Fremont County.

The 2020 general election candidate filings are currently underway until Monday, August 24th at 5:00 pm. Below is the most up-to-date information County 10 has from the Fremont County Election Office.

The names are listed in alphabetical order according to the Fremont County Election Office list. The most recent candidate filings are in bold.


Fremont County School District (FCSD) Board of Trustees:

  • FCSD #1 (Lander): Taylor Jacobs, Scott Jensen, Kathy Hitt, Sarah Reilley
  • FCSD #2 (Dubois): Jerry Falco, Rebecca Harmon, Bridgett Howard, Laurie Yaracz
  • FCSD #6 (Wind River): Van Hill, Angela McCann, Kelly Thoman
  • FCSD #14 (Wyoming Indian): Emery’l LeBeau, Francene Shakespeare, Rich Singer
  • FCSD #21 (Fort Washakie): Kay Ferris, Wayland Large, David “Grundy” Snyder, Bonnie Washakie
  • FCSD #24 (Shoshoni): Wedge Fike, Emily Jarvis, JJ “Joshua” Pingetzer
  • FCSD #25 (Riverton): Bruce Burg, Lynette Jeffres, Carl Manning, Brett Watson
  • FCSD #38 (Arapahoe): Theodore Bell Sr., Dennis C’Bearing Sr., Charlene Gambler Brown, John Martin Goggles, Pat Moss, June Shakespeare, Leslie Spoonhunter

Central Wyoming College (CWC) Board of Trustees:

  • Subdistrict 1: Ernie Over
  • Subdistrict 2: Nicole Schoening
  • Subdistrict 3: Carlton Underwood
  • Subdistrict 4: Shana Tarter

Special Districts:

  • Dubois Cemetery District – Director: Stephen Banks, Hugh Boyd Livingston
  • Dubois/Crowheart Conservation District – Rural Supervisor: Todd Hirsch, Reg Phillips
  • Dubois Fire District – Subdistrict 1 Director: Larry Wilke
  • Dubois Fire District – Subdistrict 2 Director: Peter Wendell
  • Dubois Fire District – Subdistrict 4 Director: Reg Phillips
  • Fremont Fire District – Director: James Downing
  • Jeffrey City Fire District – Director: Rex Kelson
  • Lower Wind River Conservation District – Rural Supervisor: Richard Denke
  • Mountain View Cemetery District – Director: Michael Martin
  • Popo Agie Conservation District – At Large Supervisor: Justin Loyka
  • Popo Agie Conservation District – Urban Supervisor: Arien Landcaster
  • Shoshoni-Lysite Cemetery District – Director: Cheryl Hood, Shirley Johnson, Melinda McKee

Fremont County Commissioner (Write-in filings from primary election):

  • District 5: Polly Hinds