#Smiles: Teachers, parents and kiddos adapt to COVID-19 education challenges

A series to share #smiles across our community through the achievements of our local youth, brought to you by Rendezvous Dental.

With the mass school closures that have taken place in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, many parents have been thrust into the role of substitute teacher. If you’re one of these parents, yes, your maniacal laughter and frustrated outbursts can be heard by the neighbors!

But, we feel you. Other parents feel you. You’re not alone. It’s tough. Everyone is doing their best to adapt.

The internet recognized this and a challenge to post pictures of kids adapting to at-home learning popped up. Local school districts are sharing videos of teachers reading, e-learning tools are being deployed and so many things are happening, but this challenge is just about posting a cute photo. It’s about support.

Mrs. Levina Witt, the combined Fourth and Fifth Grade teacher at St. Margaret’s Catholic Elementary in Riverton shared with County 10 about the challenge:

“Kiddos and families post to the school site to encourage teachers, and each other, with how they are keeping up on school work during this time.  (I know I have been encouraged with one of mine!!)  Learning is going to be different during this time, but learning can and will take place, even if we are not in the same room.  I commend those parents who are doing their best to fill in the gap.  As a teacher, I feel so responsible to keep my kiddos moving forward.  Until now, I did not have the platform to do so.  With some research and guidance, I am now ready to move forward, especially in light of the news that this order to stay put is extended until April 17 (or longer). Teachers will begin doing online instruction soon.  I will be starting Monday.  Parents will be getting invites from me to join via Zoom.”

Thanks for the share, Mrs. Witt and THANK YOU from County 10 to all those parents and teachers who are doing the best to make this work. We see you and so do your students.


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