#10Life: 5 things to do on a Fremont County snow day

    #10life is County 10 series to share and celebrate everything that’s great about local life in Fremont County, brought to you by RE/MAX All-Star, Realtors.

    We don’t get snow days very often in Fremont County, so embrace it, stay safe, and here’s a few fun and helpful ideas!

    And, don’t forget to check for more storm updates throughout the day! 


    #1 – The ultimate home day!

    • Hot chocolate ✔️
    • Movies ✔️
    • Blankets ✔️

    Snuggle up and enjoy the company of your family… indoors!

    #2 – Go sledding!

    Plenty of sledding opportunities in Fremont County. Bundle up and head to Tonkin Stadium for a few trips down the bowl, or find the biggest (safest) hill in your neighborhood.

    #3 – Bake some treats!

    An easy way to warm yourself, and your kitchen, on a snowy day is to make some baked goods. It’s the perfect day to get your kiddos involved and create some sweet treats and memories.

    #4 – Check on your neighbors! 

    Always a good idea to check on your friends, family, and neighbors during a storm. And, if you’re lucky enough to have a surplus of supplies. Maybe head around the ‘hood with a tray of hot chocolate, goodies (maybe those baked goods), etc. and offer them. Supplies like batteries, blankets, first aid, and more are helpful too. Your popularity will increase suddenly!


    #5 – Help clear the snow!

    We get it – it’s cold, it’s awful. But you’ll feel great if you lend a helping hand to someone. Maybe you have an elderly neighbor, or just want to do some good today. Help folks out with snow removal, mail delivery folks will sure appreciate it!

    Whatever you end up doing, let us know! Send your snow day photos to: [email protected] 

    We’ll post a few of the photos and put all submissions into a drawing for some fun prizes! 


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