#10life: 10 things every ’90s kid in Fremont County remembers doing

#10life is County 10 series to share and celebrate everything that’s great about local life in Fremont County, brought to you by Fremont Orthopaedics.

(Fremont County, WY) – There are so many things about the ’90s that we love to look back at and reminisce. So with that in mind, we are taking a trip down memory lane here in Fremont County. What are some things you remember loving as a kid in the ’90s?

  • Loving the Scholastic Book Fair
Photo Scholastic via https://www.reddit.com/r/nostalgia/comments/aa7269/scholastic_arrow_90s_book_ordering/
  • Renting movies at Jiffy Rental or Blockbuster
  • Football games at the “Bowl” A.K.A Tonkin Stadium
County 10 Photo
  • Eating at Judd’s Grubb
h/t The Antler Facebook page
  • Going to the Covered Wagon (now Pony Expresso) for Cheese Wheels (now you can find them at Dairyland)
Photo County10
  • Playing Pogs at the playground
Photo from Amazon
  • Grocery shopping at IGA
Photo Stocksnap
  • Hot Springs Trips to Thermopolis
Photo Courtesy of Star Plunge Facebook
  • Starlite Lanes in Riverton
h/t LoopNet
  • Skating at the old Skatepark at City Park
Photo StockSnap

What are some things you remember loving as a kid in the ’90s?

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