10 Wyoming-based podcasts to catch up on during Thanksgiving travel

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(Wyoming) – Thousands of Wyomingites are hitting the road this week for Thanksgiving travel. And if you’ve got some time to kill, we’d like to recommend some listening about our favorite state.

Before we get to our list, we wouldn’t be very good marketers if we didn’t remind you that the County 10 Podcast is updated nearly every day right now! Subscribe on your favorite podcast app to hear from an assortment of Fremont County folks who are doing Fremont County things!


Alright, on to the list of some of our other favorites! Find all of these shows on all major podcast platforms!

#1 – Dead & Gone in Wyoming

*True crime fans – catch up! Even if you’re not a true crime fan, this one is full of great Wyoming history and storytelling by the fantastic Scott Fuller.

#2 – The Our Wyoming Life Perspective

*If you’ve followed the ‘Our Wyoming Life’ YouTube series, this is their podcast. It’s all about Wyoming ranch life and the day-to-day fun/challenges.

#3 – The Modern West

*Wyoming Public Media explores the evolving identity of the America West.

#4 – Wyoming My 307

*Storytelling that explores the people, culture, wildlife, geology and history of our great state.

#5 – Go Be Wyo

*Diving into issues facing Wyoming, business, people and culture.

#6 – Open Spaces

*Another great one from Wyoming Public Media that looks at news around the Mountain West.

#7 – ReDiscover The Winds: A Wyoming History Podcast

*Catch up on some of the episodes from last year provided the Fremont County Museum system.

#8 – RADCast Outdoors

*Hunting, fishing, and everything in between. Riverton’s Patrick Edwards and David Merrill guide you through all you need to know about the great outdoors.

#9 – Women in Wyoming

*Spotlighting stories about influential women in our state.

#10 – Indian Relay: A Wind River Reservation Podcast

*Events, storytelling and traditions from the Wind River Reservation featured.

If you know of more Wyoming podcasts we should mention, e-mail us! [email protected]