10 local Google views you don’t want to miss

    Beyond being a helpful tool for the wayward traveler, Google Maps Street View has some hidden gems for those searching. Further, with the addition of Photo Sphere, users have submitted 360-degree scrollable panoramas from around Fremont County and geotagged them to their associated spots on Google Maps. We thought we’d shared some of our favorite perspectives with their related links.

    We scanned Fremont County for our favorite views and spheres. These are images that reminded us of the beauty of our unique landscape.

    Please send us images that we may have missed.


    Photo Spheres
    South Pass Historic Site

    Poison Creek Campground

    Slide Lake

    Sinks Canyon


    Union Pass

    Google Maps Street View
    Native rugs

    Sacajawea Gravesite


    Hudson Main Street

    Riverton County Club

    Frye Lake


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